In the beginning, anyone attending IUSC only had their book and a receipt for their registration to show or prove that they attend one of my schools.   In 2005, I began issuing a simple certificate, a diploma of sorts, to all who attended our one and two day schools.  I called it a Bachelor’s Diploma.  Later that year, Bernie Shine, a documentary film producer, filming at one of my schools,  suggested the category of “SantaClausology,” and since then the diplomas have used that terminology.

Today the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC) annually issues 200 to 300 special diplomas to Santas, Mrs. Claus and other Holiday Professionals who attend our School4Santas.  These diplomas are presented as an acknowledgement of their attendance at our School and their commitment to furthering their education and knowledge within the Santa World.

 There are five categories of Diplomas:

Associate of SantaClausology – This degree level is for those who take our DVD/Correspondence course.  There is no printed diploma for this degree.  However you can mention it on your social media page, web site or marketing materials, along with positng the school logo. You may also order one at the link below.

Bachelor of SantaClausology –  Any individual who registers and attends attends his first School4Santas will receive, upon completion, this diploma.

Master of SantaClausology – Any individual who registers and attends a second School4Santas will receive, upon completion, this diploma.

Advanced Master of SantaClausology – Any individual who registers and attends a third, fourth, etc, School4Santas will receive, upon completion, this diploma.  You may receive and unlimited number of these diplomas

Doctor of Santaclausology (PhD) –  Through special arrangements and advanced coordination, this diploma is presented to those individuals who

  • Have five or more years of experience and references;
  • Have registered to attend their fourth school, having already received an Advanced Master’s Diploma; and
  • Have had the selection committee review and approve their dissertation, which will be presented at one of the schools.

Advanced Training Session, “Making the Moment” – Certificate of Attendance and Completition,  (Past or current attendance at a previous live workshop is a prerequisite)(Does not count toward a Masters, Advanced Masters or Doctorate diploma) 

A Santa, Mrs. Claus or Couple, who feel they have special knowledge in one or more areas of Santa education, may apply to the School and if their subject is accepted, they will make a 20 to 30 minute dissertation at a school.  Click here for details on applying for the IUSC Ph.D.    Click here to see a list of all Ph.D Santas.

 Any questions on the diplomas and qualifications should be addressed to Santa Tim Connaghan at: Santa@NationalSanta.com


Any alumni from IUSC may order a new Diploma for the low price of $15.00, which includes Priority Mailing.   This service is for those who took the digital course, and did not get their Associates Diploma, or for anyone who has either a lost or damaged diploma, or needs a duplicate for their office, etc.   To do this, please send an email with your request including the Date you took the course, the type of Diploma and the exact title/name you wish to have on your diploma.  Email to: Santa@NationalSanta.com.

 *The diplomas and honors presented by the International University of Santa Claus are presented to Santas and Mrs. Claus in recognition of their investment in furthering their education and knowledge on Santa Claus and the many areas related to the business and activities of being Santa.  The IUSC, aka School4Santas, is not certified as an institution of higher education, nor accredited by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) nor any organization that is recognized by CHEA.