IUSC – PhD Requirements


 During the past eight years over 3,500 Santas and Mrs. Claus have registered to attend the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC), aka, “School4Santas.”  Upon completing one of our schools, each student achieves a ‘degree’ level as an acknowledgement of their attendance at our School and their commitment to furthering their education and knowledge within the Santa World.  Some have attended more than once receiving not only their “Bachelor” diploma but a “Masters” or “Advanced Masters” in SantaClausology.

 This, of course, has led to some asking if they could obtain a “Doctorate,” or “Ph.D.”  After much thought and some discussion with a few well respected Santas, I am pleased to say that I will now offer a “Ph.D.” diploma.  And similar to earning a true Ph.D. from a major university, the IUSC “Ph.D.” will require that the applicant  actually prepare a dissertation and present it at one of the IUSC Schools.

 The IUSC “Ph.D.” is a special category for those Santas and Mrs. Claus who want to step forward and share some of their knowledge and experience with their fellow Santas.  Interested Santas must have already received their Bachelor, Master and Advanced Master Diplomas, or based on their number of years of experience and leadership attained a special status within the Santa Community.  The presentation can be by a Santa, a Mrs. Claus or depending on the nature of the subject, presented jointly by a Santa and Mrs. Claus.

To earn the Ph.D. diplomas you must make an application and submit your resume and references to the selection committee and receive initial approval.

This will be followed by writing and preparing a training module (your dissertation) for the school (maximum 30 minutes), and registering to attend a regularly scheduled School4Santas, during which, you would be a guest presenter in one of the approved areas of study listed below.

 The presentation module, thirty minutes or less, should be based on your experience in your chosen area.  Should a subject not be listed below, you can discuss this with the committee to see if the suggested subject is viable and where the subject could be presented within the school agenda.  Only one Ph.D. candidates will be presented at each School.  Selection of the Candidates will be based on experience, minimum 5 years, current degree status, and past training positions, etc., and the final decision will be made by Santa Tim.

 In preparation for your presentation, any Ph.D. applicant would need to submit a brief description and an outline on what they will be presenting.  Applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to a school for review. Notification of acceptance will be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the designated school.   If selected, the applicant/s will then work with Santa Tim to blend your presentation into the regular School4Santas training.

Applications for any Ph.D. must be receive at least 60 days prior to a school and once received, the committee will review them.   Those being selected for presentation will be notified at least 30 days prior to the date of the school, to allow for preparations.

 Upon successful presentation and at the Schools graduation ceremony, a special Ph.D. diploma will be presented.  Additionally any Ph.D. recipient will be allowed to attend any future School4Santas course at no cost, subject to space availability at the school location.

  SUGGESTED Ph.D. SUBJECTS: maximum 30 minute presentation

  • The Basics of being Santa
  • Posing and your Facial Features
  • Special Techniques babies, children and adults
  • Working with Special Needs Children & Adults
  • The do’s and don’ts of sitting in the chair
  • Talking with Children
  • Asking, listening and answering
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Talking with teens and preteens
  • Answering those who don’t believe in Santa or Christmas and many other difficult questions children ask
  • Your Image as Santa
  • Grooming and Appearance
  • Santa’s health and Personal Hygiene
  • Santa’s Magic Suit and accessories.
  • Simple steps to building a good, workable wardrobe.
  • Being Prepared for the job
  • There is more than just sitting in a Mall
  • Children’s Parties & Home visits
  • Companies, Corporations and associations
  • Media, Marketing and Special Events
  • Parades and Tree lightings
  • Summer and Off Season work
  • Modeling, Advertising and Commercial work.
  • Adding more to your visit as Santa
  • The Entertaining Santa
  • Adding Business income with Mrs. Claus and/or Helpers
  • Sleigh, Reindeer, Snow making, etc. and other services
  • Add Storytelling, Singing, Magic, Balloon Art, etc. to your resume.
  • Add Cookie Decorating, Face Painting, Arts & Crafts,
  • Santa as a Business
  • Starting and managing your own business
  • Setting your rates
  • Planning and scheduling your time so you reduce stress and have time for family.
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • How to Market yourself
  • Web pages and web sites and Social Media
  • Networking – How to get others to promote you
  • Working with and using the Media.

Only one entry or application per candidate.