World’s Largest Santa School
Celebrating our 17th year!
And over 4,500 graduates

Houston, TX;  Kansas City, MO; Ontario, CA;
Orlando, FL; Raleigh-Durham, NC;  and Tucson, AZ

  • 2020 Schedule is now confirmed with the above schools.  We are still working on the Northwest and New Jersey Schools.    If you would like a school in your area or region, please contact us  
  • Special Mediterranean Cruise with School is August 8-22, 2020 – All New Enchanted Princess visiting: Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Montenegro – and portions are tax deductable! Ending with a few days in Rome, an optional one day trip to Bari, Italy to visit St. Nicholas burial site, and attending a Papal Audience with Pope Francis I.
Eight schools were hosted in 2019 Schools with over 540 graduates.  And, we now turn our focus to planning schools for 2020 and the important work for the upcoming Christmas season.
4,500 DIPLOMA PRESENTED! his year I was pleased to present the 4,500 diploma at our Orlando School. It is so hard to believe that in 17 years over 4,500 Santas and Mrs. Claus have received diplomas and certifications from School4Santas.

I am also proud to say that last July we recorded the three days of our Orlando classes (22 hours) and they have now been edited and produced into MP3 files which are now available as our IUSC Home Study Course.  It is the full school and can  be viewed from home, and reviewed as many times as you like. 

 IUSC Home Study Course Now AVAILABLE!

16 hours of MP$ video divided into eight sessions, plus our course book, “Behind the Red Suit,” and a personalized Diploma.  

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NEW 3rd DAY OF SCHOOL, “MAKING THE MOMENT!”  2019 also saw the creation our my new segment of School4Santas, an optional third day, “Advanced Training Session.”

Titled, “Making the Moment,”  this session is  for those who have completed our two-day school, in person or through home study, and offers special emphasis on improving and enhancing your visits and appearances, and developing those, very special, moments. 

It includes additional training and work on special events, posing, and making any Santa activity more special for your clients.   Also included is the session workbook, “Making the Moment,” which includes almost 200 sample photos and diagrams.”  Click here for more details.

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School4Santas is designed for both Real Bearded and Theatrically bearded Santas, Mrs. Claus, Holiday Professionals and Volunteers, this is one of the most comprehensive schools offered, and the number one school, taught by a professional Santa, who shares his knowledge from with almost 50-years in the industry. 

School for Santas, officially The International University of Santa Claus, has been seen and featured on NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the Travel channel, the History Channel, in over a dozen documentaries and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and over 800 other news articles, radio and television news stories. 

And because of those who have attended, and their sharing with others, the school continues to be the most popular and educational training for Professional and Volunteer Santas and Mrs. Claus.

Yes, there are many good and great Santa schools and training programs out there. but most are only presented once a year and always in the same city.  And they always seem to be presented just a month or two before the Holiday Season.

School4Santas (S4S) is different from other schools, as it travels to cities across the Nation.  While we cannot always be in your hometown, you will find that we will travel to regional locations that are generally closer to you than traveling to other schools.

The school is arranged with 16 hours of training and lecture, supported by a power point presentation.  Why a power point presentation?  Well, it is a proven fact Visual Aids coupled with lecture can improve learning by up to 400 percent (3M Corporation, 2001).  And 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual. *

behind1All new Students receive the 15th Anniversary edition of our 246-page course book, “Behind the Red Suit,” and upon completion, everyone receives a diploma recognizing their attendance.

First time attendees receive a Bachelor Diploma in Santa Clausology.  Second time attendees are Alumni and receive a Master’s Diploma.  Those attending more than twice receive Advanced Master’s Diplomas.   And everyone that attends the school or purchases our DVD course, or attends the convention is automatically entered into the “Red Suit Society”

** Each year 8 to 12 regional schools are scheduled.  Some are based on the large number of Santas living near the school location.  Others are presented because a local Santa organization invited us to come to their region.  In all cases, we need to have a minimum of 12 registered attendees for the school in order to cover the costs of producing the school, renting he meeting facilities, etc.