Privacy Policy

The Kringle Group and its sub-companies: NationalSanta™,,,, SantaCares.US and all value your privacy. Therefore, it is our policy to protect your information.

Unless you are ordering something or registering for one of our schools, we do not request anything from you other than your name and email address. Second to that, it is nice to have a city and state, so that we can know where or in what part of the world you live in. These items are all we need to keep connected with you.

Should you order anything or register for one of the schools, you will then be supplying us with all or some of the following: your name, full address, phone number/s, email address and spouse or partner.

Any credit card information is processed through PayPal and we have no access to that information and have no way to ask for that information. We do not need to collect any banking information or credit card information. We do accept bank transfers and checks, should you not wish to use PayPal.

Finally, should you ever wish to un-subscribe from any or all our emails, etc., you can find a link at the bottom of any of our emails to request that you be removed. You may also send a personal request to me, to un-subscribe, at:

We cannot reverse this removal and only you can re-subscribe to any of  the above sites.  Should your removal have been a mistake or should you wish to be reinstated, click here: Re-Subscribe Link