Ph.D Santas

The following is a list of those special Santas and Mrs. Claus who have gone beyond the regular search for knowledge in the “Business of Santa.”  Some are recognized for their achievements and contributions to the Santa community.  Others, in addition to attending the IUSC numerous times in the past fifteen years, have taken the next step and applied for their “Doctorates” by presenting one or more segments during their attendance at a “School4Santas.”   Our congratulations to all of them

Gordon Bailey,California
Paul Chesler, Florida
Bonnie Felten
Daniel Felten
Leon McBride,
Phillip Wenz, Illinois

Everette Johnson,  Tennessee
Robert Elkin, Florida
Glenn Heald, Georgia
Bill Pattison, South Dakota

Jeanne Pattison, South Dakota
Joe ‘Santa Jeaux’ Pridgen, Georgia

Note:  I do try to keep this list updated.  Should you find any errors or ommissions, please contact me immeidately, as I do not wish to slight any of these fine Santas and Mrs. Claus.  Email:

*The diplomas and honors presented by the International University of Santa Claus are presented to Santas and Mrs. Claus in recognition of their investment in furthering their education and knowledge on Santa Claus and the many areas related to the business and activities of being Santa.  The IUSC, aka School4Santas, is not certified as an institution of higher education, nor acredited by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) nor any organization that is recognized by CHEA.