The Final Sleigh Ride – Poem

By Santa Philip D. Gurganus

He could not remember a time when the reindeer flew with such strength and speed
He could not recall a moment in which his suit shown so bright
He felt an energy he had not felt in many a year
The moon was getting brighter as he rode on into the night

A misty fog swirled and danced around the hooves of the deer
The clouds parted before them as they made their way
He looked around and saw nothing but stars for as far as he could see
Just he and the reindeer and a shiny golden sleigh

He had no concept of how long they had traveled or what path they flew
He could not say when he first noticed the gate
As he approached, he was astounded by its size and splendor
He had never in his lifetime seen anything so beautiful and ornate

He stepped from the sleigh and with reins in hand, he walked up to the gate
The instant he touched it his heart overflowed and tears of joy filled his eyes
The gate was made of silver and pearl, and the path was covered in gold
He had reached the end of his journey, the land of cloudless skies

He stood in silence as the gate slowly opened, hesitating before he entered
He felt a gentle hand take the reins and lead the reindeer away
He set down his big red bag and left it outside the gate, never to be used again
Taking off his big boots he placed them with the bag, they too outside shall stay

He entered inside and was met by friends and loved ones who had passed before
The Angels replaced his red suit with a beautiful robe of white
They sang as he made his way among them, in awe of such splendor
As the crowd began to part, he was nearly blinded by the light

As his eyes began to focus, he felt a hand take his to welcome and to lead
He turned and looked into eyes more kind and loving than any he had ever seen
As that hand held his in a firm warm grip, he felt the scars in the man’s hands
A gentle voice whispered “Welcome my son, come, it’s time to open your gifts.”

֍ ֍ ֍ ֍ ֍