Personal Property Memorandum


This is just a little information that will assist your family in carrying out your wishes and distribution of property upon your death. it is not legally binding but may prevent confusion and arguments.   Or if you wish you can have it added to your will if you want to make certain your wishes are carried out. 

My suggestion is that you place this in your “Red” File or Envelope, which you save with your personal belongings, will, etc. 

Of course, an alternative to this is if you have the opportunity to personally distribute your items before that final day.

  • Getting started.  You may want to start off by saying something like this:

“I bequeath the following items of personal property to the beneficiaries below:”
Item #1 – Santa Walking stick with Holly and Ivy
Name- Santa John R. Jones (Fellow Santa in club)
Contact – 555 Rideway Dr, AnyCity, USA, OH
Notes: Item kept in the corner of my closet 

Item #2 – 

Keep it simple:

ITEM – make sure to clearly describe the item(s) so it won’t be confused with a similar item.
NAME – full name of recipient, not just Santa John, but John R. Jones
CONTACT INFORMATION – include address, telephone number, email address, relationship to you.

  • Some items to Bequeath
    Suits and costumes, props, casual clothing, boots, jewelry, books, music, thrones/ set items, bric-a-brac, backdrops
  • Finish
    Sign and date the memorandum. Remember this is not a legal document so you don’t need a witness or have your signature notarized. If you are looking for a legally binding document, please contact a lawyer.
    You might want to include contact information for the local Santa Association/s if a member, and instructions on how to contact.
    Write your own obituary or at least the names of the organization you belonged to and years of membership.   Also add “Founding Member or Past President and include what photo or picture you wish to have them use.
  • Additional “Red” Envelope
    This envelope would contain a list that is updated yearly with your bookings and contact information for those appointments. This is given to a trusted Claus friend or family member, someone who will work to help find Clauses to cover your bookings should something happen to you. Making sure no child or family is disappointed

Include Dates, times, Names, addresses, payments phone numbers, email addresses Family notes, etc.