Tucson, AZ – September 12 – 14

Due to a resurgence of Covid-19 the August School has been cancelled. 


Unfortunately the upheaval around the country, regarding the resurgence of the Covid-19 Pandemic, has forced me to cancel the Tucson School4Santas.  I cannot take a chance with the health of any Santas or Mrs. Claus, nor mine during these times.  

Part of this is due to the quarantine being put in place on outside visitors.

 In addition, there are the social distancing limitations.

 With worries of having to interact with the public and the fact that many in our group of of an age that it more are risk and in some cases, it is not advisable to travel. 

 I have the following refund/credit options for those who were planning on attending:

  1. You can have your registration fees held for a school to be taught next year.   My priority is to schedule new 2021 schools in any of the cities I have had to cancel.  
  2. I can send you the complete Home Study Course which includes all 16 hours of video and the course book, plus your personalized diploma, and refund the difference to you.  Additionally I am adding a couple of new video segments that were not in the school.  The cost for the Home Study Course is $199 and the optional Advanced session, “Making the Moment,” can be added for is $99.  Details can be found at: https://www.school4santas.com/iusc-home-study-course/
  3. Or I can send you a full refund for the school.

 Please let me know what you wish me to do.  And should you have another suggestion, please let me know and I would be glad to share it with all registered for the school.  You can email me at: Santa@NationalSanta.com 

 If you are visiting this page hoping to register, you do have the option of ordering our Home Study course.  Click here for details