ORBITZ Scholarship Application

Apply today for one of ten
Orbucks Scholarships

For 2019, We are pleased to announce that Orbitz.com is joining with School4Santas to present ten(10) special $500 Orbucks Scholarships to attend School4Santas.  Each of the ten recipients will receive $500 Orbucks which will cover their full school registration at one of our schools, with the balance being given to them in cash to supplement travel or lodging to attend the selected School4Santas.  

Scholarships deadline is March 1, 2019 and awards will be announced on March 15, 2019.

Anyone may apply for a scholarship, but there are a few simple rules.

  • You may not have ever attended any other Santa School or paid for any other type of Santa training, whether via CD’s, DVD, internet or other format.
  • Your application must explain your need and reason you feel you should receive a scholarship.
  • You have not received any other scholarship.  Should you also be selected for a scholarship from another organization, you will need to decide on which scholarship you want.  
  • Selection of recipients will be based on application information, your needs, and other merits or information that the selection committee decides. 
  • All decisions are those of Orbitz.com and are final. 

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the application below.

Orbitz.com School4Santas Scholarship Application

ORBITZ.COM School4Santas Scholarship Application
  • Please list your legal name.
  • Include Apartment, etc. on Line 2 if necessary
  • Please select the location where you wish to attend School4Santas.
  • Whether you are totally new to being a Santa or if you have been volunteer or working as a Santa, or have had other occupational or volunteer work that has positioned you to becoming as Santa, please tell us what experience, if any, you have
  • If you have any references or endorsements from anyone, you are welcome to list them here
  • Please explain why you feel you should receive a scholarship to attend a School4Santas two-day school.
  • Give us your name exactly as it should be printed on the diploma, i.e., Santa Bill Jones, Bill Jones, Santa Bill or William ‘Santa Bill’ Jones.
  • If you wish to have your wife or Mrs. Claus also attend the school with you, you can list their name here. This is optional and not required at this time.
  • Please attach a photo or photos of yourself as Santa or Mrs. Claus, or both
FINE PRINT: Award of a $500 Orbucks Scholarship from Orbitz.com is considered a cash award and as such is considered taxable income.  A W-9 and necessary paperwork may be required as part of receiving the award. 
Additionally you must agree to allowing your name and likeness, receiving the award, to be used in publicity, etc. for Orbitz and participating sponsors.