General Cruise Information

Yes, it is less than 50 days until we pull up anchor and head to the Mexican Riviera.   Currently we have over sixty Santas, wives and friends boarding the Ruby Princess for the Cruise and our special School for Santas! (and Mrs. Claus.)

This page covers many details regarding the cruise.

  • Cruise Attendees
  • About the Ruby Princess
  • Princess Cruise Itinerary
  • Dinner Schedule and Dining
  • School4Santas agenda
  • On board Photos
  • Shopping
  • Wardrobe – What to wear
  • Ordering custom embroidered Shirts and Patches
  • Ordering other clothing
  • Pre-Cruise arrival in Los Angeles – Where are you staying?

If you have any questions on any of these items, please email me.


ABOUT OUR SHIP – THE RUBY PRINCESS  –  This is a wonderful ship and it was totally refurbished about one year ago.  Details on the ship and its many amenities and features can be found on the Princess web site.  Here is a direct link for the Ruby Princess:

PRINCESS CRUISE ITINERARY – I have posted a combined itinerary on the School4Santas web site, listing the ships daily schedule and the added School4Santas events.

All of the regular cruise activities, shows, etc. are available for everyone on the cruise.  This includes all kinds of activities, shows, entertainment, cooking and drink mixing demonstrations, contests, competitions, karaoke, talent show, choral group, etc.  Each evening you get a copy of the Princess Patter, a four-page newsletter of the following days activities.  Two pages will actually be the agenda for the following day including all shows, and activities.

On the three days we are in Mazatlán, Puerta Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, everyone is on their own.  You can get off the ship and just wander about the port, or sign up for one of the excursions and activities.   All of the details and excursions bookings can be found on the Princess Web Site.

DINNER SCHEDULE AND DINING – I have arranged for our entire group to have Traditional Dining every evening at 5:30 p.m.   I wish to invite everyone to do this on the first evening as it will be the best time to update everyone on the cruise itinerary and the school agenda.  This is the early dinner seating, which will accommodate those who like to turn in early, or for those wanting to kick up their heals, they can attend a variety of shows and evening activities.   There will be daily shows in three theater areas on the ship, plus live entertainment in two lounges.

However, after the first night you can dine any time you wish and may also book dining in other specialty restaurants on the ship for an additional $25 or $30 per person.   These include the Crown Grill (Steaks and Seafood) and the newest Princess offering SHARE by Curtis Stone.  There is also the Crab Shack, Salty Dog, and Chef’s Table Experience.  I can tell you that my wife Barbara and I will definitely be dining at both the Crown Grille and SHARE.

You can also dine just about any hour of the day.  The Horizon Court, is a giant buffet at the top of the ship, serving food almost 24 hours a day, with breakfast buffets, lunch buffets and dinner buffets.  There will also be special themed menus for dinners and lunches during the cruise and especially on days when we are at sea.  Check the Princess Patter each evening for details on special dining or food events the following day.

You can also have a standard served breakfast any morning in one of the main dining rooms.   Plus your cruise includes full 24-hour-a-day, room service at no additional charge, except for gratuities and Alcohol.

At 3:00 p.m. each day they have tea in one of the dining rooms with great sandwiches and pastries.   Plus there are specialty food stations around the ship including the Trident Grille, Pizzeria and the International Café with specialty coffees, pastries and more.  Neptune’s Grill with hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages and fries; a pizza shop with handmade pizzas;  an ice cream stand; a fresh pastry shop with sandwiches and salads; a wine bar with sushi and Italian hors d’oeuvres, a coffee stand with custom coffees, and a collection of bars, and lounges.   Believe me, this is better than cookies and milk

SCHOOL4SANTAS AGENDA – On the three days when we are at sea, I have scheduled school from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.   This will be set up in one of the dining rooms that is not in use at lunch time.  This will be a full School for Santas agenda and Diplomas will be presented on the final day.  There is no additional charge for this school, unless you need a course book, which would cost $40.  If you already have a course book, that is all you need.

On March 9, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., I will be hosting a Wine and Cheese Reception in the Adagio Lounge for everyone in our group.  For those who do not drink, we will have soft drinks and ice tea.  This is also the evening of the second Formal night and so everyone will be all dressed up.   At 5:00, we will all move to the Atrium area for our formal group photo.  The cost per photo will be around $20.00.  Following this we will head to dinner.

ON BOARD PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS –  From the moment you clear the Check-in and receive your room keys, there will be Ship’s Photographers everywhere.  From Pre-Boarding Photos to Photos at events and activities, to the special Portrait Sets on Formal Nights, the Ship’s Photographers are everywhere.   On select evenings, the photographers will take photos in the dining room. As you disembark in each port, there will be Photographers on the dock with costumed performers, with which you can have photos.  And in some cases the photographers also go on some of the excursions to take photos.  And finally there is also a special private portrait studio on board the ship where, by reservation, you can have custom portraits made.

In addition to photos, Princess will also have videographers filming at many events and activities.

The cost for photos is around $20 each, but they often have special prices for photos and video packages.

On top of all of this, we will have our own group photo taken on the second formal night.  The cost for these will also be about $20 each

SHOPPING –   In addition to all of the shopping when visit the ports, the Ruby Princess has many fine shops Shopping – When we are at sea, there are shops aboard the ship with clothing, jewelry, duty free, etc.   And on select evenings there will be special tables set up in the Atrium with offers on jewelry, clothing and other items.  Additionally, usually on the last day at sea, the ship hosts a special sale in one of the dining rooms of overstocked items and discontinued items all at greatly reduced prices.

WARDROBE – WHAT TO WEAR ON THE CRUISE – For the most part, you are on vacation, so it is casual Santa.  However, some Santas and Mrs. Claus enjoy dressing up a bit and some even bring their Santa Suits, although it is not required and we will not be having any events with full Santa Suits.   Some who bring their full wardrobe, do so to take advantage of getting some professional photos from the ships photographers.    If you have questions, I would be glad to talk with you and give you more details.

For dinner in the evening , the cruise ship prefers slacks or long pants for the men.  On the Mexican Riviera, they will allow shorts, but it has to be classy casual.   There are two formal evenings(originally on cruises this was when you wore a tux)  when suits or tuxes are the preferred dress.  Dress to Impress!

Read more about the cruise on the Princess web site.

I have also updated my list of packing and travel checklists.   I now have lists you can check out at

OTHER RED CLOTHING – There are lots of locations to find red clothing on the internet.  One site I have found actually allows men to search a large group of products by color.  It is: .  You can search for shirts, suits, sport coats, shoes, and all kinds of clothing in red or with red highlights.   Or any color you desire.   Just select your color and the site pulls up every product they list that might be in that color or have some of that color.  For example if you select red you will get red suits.  Red zoot suits, red shoes, reddish shoes,  black suits with red pinstripes, etc., etc.  If you like overalls try   They make red bib overalls.

There is also Gentlemen’s Emporium and may other sites.  Plus we have lots of fellow Santas and Mrs. Claus who either make or sell wardrobe items and accessories.

NON-EMBROIDERED CLOTHING – I also have other red clothing items available at

Woolrich Red Boonie Hat
Red Canvas Belt with nickel plated “S” buckle
Red, full calf, Socks with cushioned insole

If you have other question, on the cruise, you may want to talk with Deana at Princess.  She is our special agent and handles all of the booking  800-901-1172  ext  41689.