First Time Ever on DVD-Rom!  in “DiGiVision*”

School4Santas full two-day,16 hour course with Video Lecture & Powerpoints

Join with Santa Tim Connaghan as he presents his complete program inclujding Power Point presentations, all on your PC with Windows Media Player. Almost 3,500 have graduated from his courses, over 120 schools taught in the past fifteen years.

Special 2017 price now just
$199.00 plus shipping
without Book – $179.00

Your Complete Training package includes:

  • Custom DVD- Rom’s with the complete two-day training program including the full Power Point Presentation.  You can play it over and over.  
  • Special Storage Case for your DVD-Rom’s
  • behind1The latest  236 page copy of “Behind the Red Suit”,  with updated pages of information and resources. Value $60!
  • Custom Associate Diploma suitable for personalizing and framing.
  • Technical Support for life with the Insta-Tapes DiGiVision Touch
  • FREE MP-3 audio built in for downloading to your tablets, i-phone, and other mobile devices. 

Regular School4Santas registration through April 1, 2017 is
$259.00 Single    –    $369.00  Couples
plus you have the costs of hotel, meals and travel.

Digi-Vision is like Attending the Two-Day Workshop without the Expense of Travel, Meals & Lodging!   Study whenever you want! –  Review whenever you want! – As many times as you like!

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The Power of DigiVision
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DiGiVision is a DVD-Rom Video and Synced Power Point presentation that is fully word searchable, with easy Scroll and Skip Button and Save features.  Move the Slide bar  from the beginning to end in seconds.  The program requires a PC with Microsoft Windows Media